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Rapidity, Efficiency, Quality






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Rapidité, Efficacité, Qualité

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Our teams of engineers has in their experiments:

Development of Client / Server in Java and C #.
Development of web services in Java and C #
Application Development J2EE (Hibernate, Struts, Tapestry, Spring)
Development of Web applications Asp.Net (Site E-Commerce Administration Console Web application)
Development of collaborative portals in PHP / symfony
Development of website in PHP using Symfony Framework and CMS based on Joomla

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Primtechnologies helps you effectively manage and your development activity in the whole life cycle of the software, since the specification until the edition and testing.



Primtechnologies favors more and more the values of mobility and speed. It offers products that exactly match your needs in the near deadlines, following a well studied methodology.


The production of a good quality of software intended to our customers and the improvment of the production process remain the key challenges of our team. Primtechnologies respects the best methods for maintaining quality standards opimal at every stage of its process.